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I dream things that never were and rather than asking: 'Why not?'​, I start doing it*. I will make it happen, live fully and joyously, aware of all the possibilities life has to offer. I therefore do the things we as an group enjoy doing. Working with pleasure, following our passion and creating space for innovation.

In my path I have chosen to build the next big thing as well! Our 'Second To None'​ brand and privately held European marketplace: YouAre, will also help out every ambassador (sportsmen) that helps us to promote our business- and to reach goals together.

Please NOTE: Ambassadors receive a full cross- and multi-media package for FREE, including our support without any additional COST on all matters ONLINE. Their goal: donations, sponsoring and crowdfunding together with an strong online presence combined with social media. ...Something we developed the past years by standardized, categorized and normalized ONLINE solutions to be launched within just a few hours these days.

To achieve greater levels of fairness and equity for all.

To bring about a bigger and better change in the world in giving our ambassadors what they need in order to succeed together!

Just because together we will make sure to live our dreams rather than to dream our lives!

To unlock that ability to be truly human as well and in order to welcome their community to be ours, we also choose that so called Omni-Channel Logistics and the Marketing mix together with sportsmen (-women; and young-talents) is one that will change everyone’s views as well! Just like Mark Zuckerberg believes that one day we'll be able to directly share emotions, thoughts, and sensory feedback with each other, just as we currently share text, photos, and videos through social networks. "You'll be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too". ...Just like we like our community to experience the same!

YouAre ambassadeur

KVK: 30241098

Teisterbandstraat 34
5331CR Kerkdriel

0418 640 240

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